Surviving the Snowzilla

Well we survived D.C.’s fourth largest snowstorm on record, and after two days have mostly dug ourselves out from the two-plus feet of snow that covered our area. Until now, our winter has been pretty mild; we actually got our first real snow late last week, when an inch of fluff covered the city a few days ahead of the big blizzard. Over the weekend though, winter arrived in full force.

We started our storm prep early last week by stocking up on a few food items and buying a snow shovel since we didn’t own one.


The federal government closed Friday at noon and it started snowing shortly after. We woke up Saturday morning to a foot of snow outside. Heat pumps don’t do well in snow and frigid temperatures and the fan on our snow-covered pump froze overnight, so Nick headed outside first thing in the morning to get it cleared and working again (this pump heats our upper bedroom level, while our furnace heats our lowest two levels, which were still toasty warm).


The worst was yet to come though; the heaviest snow and wind were expected Saturday and we picked up another foot of snow during the day.


As anticipated, the heavy winds caused a tree to come down in our area, and for a few hours Saturday we lost our power and heat. Nick and I bundled up with an extra fleece jacket and lit a fire since we weren’t sure how long the power outage would last, but thankfully it was restored later in the day.


We’ve been slowly digging out ever since; thankfully, Sunday was sunny and mostly warm and the snow was light and fluffy, so it wasn’t too hard to shovel the sidewalk and a path up to the house.


D.C. averages about 15 inches of snow annually, and we got that and plenty more with this snowstorm, so hopefully we are done for the winter!