Warm wood and white

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season and New Year! Although it was hectic, Nick and I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with our families in Wisconsin.

One of my goals for the new year is to simplify, especially our home. While I want to have a cozy and inviting house, I aim to achieve that with the least amount of stuff…but the struggle is real ūüôā

To start the new year off, Nick and I decluttered the small storage and mechanical rooms on our lowest level. We have a tiny attic but no garage, and our finished basement offers very little  storage beyond these two rooms (which hold everything from our suitcases and yard tools to our bikes and sails/textiles for the boat).
Blueprint LL

It felt so good to rid ourselves of the clutter that has been slowly amassing in those two rooms since we moved in five years ago. Since three giant trash bags of junk isn’t visually interesting, I thought I’d share another quick and easy project that we recently tackled.

After creating our colorful wooden tree forest, Nick and I (intentionally) had some leftover pine wood, which I wanted to stain and use as a table top for the small storage unit in my craft room/office that holds my stationary and sewing and craft supplies. If you’ll recall,¬†a few years ago,¬†I sewed a curtain to hide the clutter in the drawers.

This room, like the rest of those in our house, is small. While I love the tranquility of this mostly white space, this corner of the room was feeling a little too white recently with my white desk, storage unit and owl bookends.


So I had Nick cut down the remaining pine book to create a topper for my shelving unit. It’s hard to tell in the photo below, but it’s actually two pieces of wood cut to the same size with a small lip overhanging on each side.

While I originally wanted on solid piece of wood on top, our Home Depot only carried 12-inch wide pine that was two-inches thick, which I didn’t think would look good for this project and is too thick for our Dremel Saw-Max to cut. So we bought a 10-inch wide board that was 1-inch thick.


After Nick cut the pieces to size, I covered them in a few coats of cherry stain to match our hardwood floors and finished them with two coats of poly. Below are the finished pieces, before I taped them together with double-sided tape.


And here’s the finished result. It’s a really minor change, but the stained wood definitely adds warmth to that corner of the room.


Finally, here’s an photo of the room from the doorway. The stained wood¬†top ties in well with the wood floor and makes my owl bookends really standout, when before they were lost in all the white finishes.

*Forgive me for the terrible night photo, but this time of year, I’m rarely at home during daylight hours (and we’ve been away the past few weekends…a post on what we’ve been up to¬†is coming soon!)


What do you think, does my little croffice look cozier than ever?


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