Merry Trees

Two winters ago, one of my favorite bloggers, Inspired by Charm, DIY’d the cutest little wooden forest for the holidays. As soon as I saw it, I added this to my list of must-do projects.


While it took awhile, I finally have my colorful holiday forest. Michael’s blog post includes all the instructions you’ll need to complete this simple project, so I’ll skip quickly through the details of how Nick and I tackled it.

A few weeks back Nick and I bought a 1 x 10-inch pine board at the hardware store. Our board was only half as thick as the one used in the tutorial, because our cutting tool (a Dremel Saw-Max) only has the capacity to cut through a 1-inch board. Even though the wood is considerably thinner, the 1-inch boards stand stable and still work well for this project.

As usual, no project gets done around here without my trusty partner. Nick set up a cutting station outside with saw horses  and after lots of math and measuring, he cut the board down into eight varying sized triangles.


Nick said our Dremel worked fine for this project, but a circular saw would probably work best. Here are all of the cut, but unfinished, trees.


Following the tutorial, after Nick cut the trees, I sanded and painted them with craft paint, which I cut slightly with water so the wood grain was still visible through the paint. Once the trees were dried, I used the handle tip of a craft brush to dot on the white paint snowflakes.

I love how the trees turned out – festive, modern and so colorful!


We currently have the forest set up in the kitchen, along our window sills, and I can’t help but smile every time I walk past them. These will definitely be making an appearance in our home for many holidays to come.

Anyone else tackling any holiday projects?


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