In every thing give thanks

I just returned home from seven days in San Diego for my company’s annual conference, so not much has happened with our hearth project.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner though, I thought I’d share our holiday menu like I did in 2014, 2013 and 2012.

I’m especially excited for the holiday this year, since we’ll be blessed to spend it with family, which hasn’t happened since Nick’s parents visited us back in 2013. My dad and his wife Judi will by flying to D.C. from Wisconsin and spending the holiday weekend with us, and we’ll be jamming it full of food and fun 🙂

Growing up, my dad’s stuffing was the most anticipated dish  of the holiday – and frequently improvised, so you never knew what surprises you’d find inside – so I’m very excited for our guests to try our  Nick’s recipe, which he’s been honing ever since it was shared by his grandmother.

Once again, our feast will include many of our favorite, traditional Thanksgiving dishes, and the new things I added this year mostly came from one place: My lovely sister-in-law works for a natural and organic products company and one of their lines recently launched a new holiday site with recipes and tips for entertaining, and there were simply too many delicious recipes! Once I started pinning recipes, I couldn’t stop, so every bite, from our appetizers to dessert,  will be cooked and eaten with family in mind.

With that, here is our 2015 Thanksgiving holiday menu:

Signature cocktails:


Photo from

  • Winter spiced old fashioned (we’ve already prepared the simple syrup spiced with anise, cinnamon and cardamon pods)
  • Pumpkin beer, served with a rim of cinnamon, pumpkin spice and sugar



Photo from

Main Course:

  • Turkey (gobble, gobble!)



Photo from



Photo from

Since I always like to decorate our dining table with a festive centerpiece, I DIY’d a simple table decoration out of  natural evergreen branches, apples, oranges, pinecones and some faux leaves. I always arrange my centerpieces on a wood board that I covered with chalkboard paint a few years ago; that way, once it’s time to eat, I can easily slide it out of the way to make room for all of our serving dishes.


I continued with the natural theme and prepared some simple name cards from fallen leaves. After wiping them down, I used a paint pen to color the leaves in shiny gold.


Nick and I are very excited to give thanks this year with family at our table, as always, we have so much (and so many people) in our lives for which to be thankful.

(And now I need to get off the computer…remember when I mentioned we haven’t gotten far on the hearth project and we have guests coming?!)

Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all!


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