Life Lately {October 2015}

With only a few weeks left in our sailing season, we’ve been trying to spend as much time on the boat and water as we can. We haul out for the season at the end of this month.

A few weeks ago, we enjoyed our last warm weather sailing weekend (thankfully we had a feeling that was the case, so we really soaked it up). Sadly, since the beginning of October we’ve had to trade in our shorts for coats.


A few weekends back, we had a great day and sail on the Bay with our friends. The following weekend they invited us out on their power boat, and we headed to Baltimore and docked right downtown for lunch in Fells Point. While I love our sailboat, it was so much fun to hop on a higher-speed powerboat and head somewhere for an afternoon…that trip would have taken us 6-to-8 hours to sail! 🙂


A few weekends ago Nick and I headed to Kitty Hawk, a quaint beach town on the outer banks of North Carolina for a colleague’s wedding. A storm front had settled over the area, and we were pelted with rain and 20-to-30 knot winds all weekend.


The wedding reception took place at the Kitty Hawk Pier, which was pounded by high waves and heavy winds the entire evening, causing the building to literally shake beneath our feet.


The weather followed us home to D.C., and while we thankfully lucked out when Hurricane Joaquin headed out to sea, a Nor’easter took its place, and we were once again hit with several days of heavy rain and winds.


Nick and I visited the boat for a night to make sure it was properly tied down and spent the night rolling around in the boat from gusts that reached more than 40 knots.

All that rain caused super tides, several feet higher than usual, and the water was nearly lapping our dock.


The next morning we had to leap down from the boat deck to the pier since the boat was sitting several feet higher than usual – there is no way we could have made it back onto the boat without a ladder!

NickdockNearby Annapolis, Maryland is known for being a sailing mecca, and we are lucky that it’s also host to the country’s largest annual sailboat show. It would take days to tour through all the boats and vendor tents that come out for the four-day show, so we spent a few hours hopping on and off new boats and visiting with our dealer, and we left without buying anything new for the boat. (We did pick up some really nice windproof and waterproof coastal sailing jackets that were very well priced for the show). boatshow1


I love to decorate our house for the holidays, but with limited closet space, especially now with the boat (there is currently a rolled-up dinghy under my office/craft room daybed), storage is always an issue. So I always look for ways to decorate with natural elements (that eventually get composted) or with things I already own.

Nick bought us pumpkins a few weeks back, and I painted their handles gold and spent $3 at craft store to buy glittery spiders along with craft eyes and gauze, which I made into these mummy candle holders on our fireplace.


We also started work recently on another house project, and I’ll leave you with this photo as a hint: we need a new, and bigger, hammer!


I hope everyone is enjoying the start of fall!  Xox


2 thoughts on “Life Lately {October 2015}

    • Thanks for your comment! We keep our boat down in Herring Bay (its a great location on the Bay). How is sailing on the Potomac? We have a strong interest in cats, but are enjoying our first sailing season on a monohull. How funny you were at the boatshow that weekend too; it was our first as boat owners and we really appreciated the vendor tents more than we have in the past!

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