Life lately…

June was a very fun and busy month for Nick and me; between work and home, we traveled out-of-state every week of the month. But we loved every minute of it – we enjoyed the warm weather and long days, had all kinds of new adventures on the boat, and got to spend time with our families and friends.

In early June, Nick and I flew to Green Bay to spend a long weekend with my family. We had such a great visit: we spent lots of time playing with our nieces and were able to catch up with several dear friends, my siblings and parents, and extended family at a cousin’s baby shower.

MarisaSara Titletown


NickdadDuring our visit, Nick and I were blessed to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary, so we gathered the majority of our two families for a brunch. It was so wonderful to have both of our families together (the first time since our wedding) and be surrounded by all of our loved ones, who mean so much to us. It was definitely the highlight of our trip.


Sadly, we spent our actual anniversary (the following day) stuck in the Pittsburgh airport after our flight to D.C. got diverted because of weather and ultimately canceled. Thankfully we were able to find a nearby hotel room for the night and celebrated our anniversary with a nice dinner a few days later.


Another one of our adventures in June was our first overnight on the boat away from our marina when we hooked a mooring ball for a night in our favorite city, Annapolis. We spent the afternoon sitting on our back transom with our feet in the water and watching (and waving to) all the boats passing by. In the evening, we called the city harbor water taxi, who picked us up and delivered us to land for dinner.

Annapolismooring2AnnapolismooringThe following weekend we made our way to the nearby Rhode River where we successfully anchored overnight for the first time, and to make it even more exciting, we were joined overnight by our friends Nick and Jessica on their powerboat. We swam, played games and grilled dinner and enjoyed a really nice evening with them on the water (and we didn’t drag anchor!).


raftup2Raftup3 Later in the month, we joined Nick’s parents, sibling and nieces and nephews in Anna Maria Island, Florida for a weeklong vacation. The 16 of us spent the days splashing in the pool, lounging at the beach, catching sand dollars from our pontoon boat, playing games and paddle boarding, having too much fun with a selfie-stick and eating too many good things. Nick and I loved every minute spent reconnecting with his family – it really was such a great vacation, and I hope we can do it again very soon!


pontoonpontoon2 selfie






We ended the month back on the boat, where we spent three days out on the water (our first time at anchor for multiple nights!) and were lucky to catch fireworks three nights in a row from nearby cities. We anchored in two creeks across the Chesapeake Bay near Oxford, Maryland and spent the days swimming, paddle boarding, and relaxing with music and reading. According to our cruising guidebook, the area is a popular anchorage since it’s scenic and surrounded by large, lovely homes, but despite it being a holiday weekend, we pretty much had the entire creek to ourselves!




That’s all that has been happening with us! I hope everyone is enjoying the summer as much as we are!


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