An Anniversary

Nick and I wed 10 years ago today on the island of St. Lucia. After a year-and-a-half engagement we said our “I-do’s” overlooking the Caribbean Sea with the sun setting on to the Piton Mountains behind us. Our planned elopement wedding was nontraditional, simple, and without any fanfare – just like the two of us.


A few weeks after our wedding, Nick and I held a reception in Wisconsin for our family and friends. At that party, Nick’s aunt and uncle left a message in our guest book that has stayed with me for the past 10 years. It read, “The beginning is easy, then the everyday becomes hard work. To endure a lifetime together is to have experienced true love.”

Wed05During our 14 years together, Nick and I have been blessed with much more joy than sorrow, but I’ve come to believe those words from his aunt and uncle and that our true love and commitment to one another is most visible amidst the adversity and trials of everyday life.


Life isn’t a fairy tale and it isn’t always easy, but we’ve overcome every obstacle together – and every hour, minute and second of the last 3,652 days have been worth it, because we’ve gone through them side by side, and without just saying “I love you” but continuing to prove to one another that it’s true.



My darling, Nicholas, I love you infinitely, truly more than words have the power to describe. Thank you for choosing me as your one true love and for always holding on and never letting go. Here’s to our next decade of love and adventure!



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