Always more water…

And sadly I’m not talking about anything boat related.

I’ve written before about the series of leaks we’ve had in our home over the years (now numbered at six): everything from our foundation and roof to appliances and cracked plumbing. Thankfully, we’ve learned a little bit from each of those experiences, because the leaks just keep coming!

When we bought our home almost five years ago, the inspector noted our water heater was well past 20 years old, almost twice the normal lifespan of the appliance. A few years later, after another one our leaks, we asked our plumber for his assessment of it. He agreed it was nearing its deathbed, and since it’s located only a few feet from finished space with hardwood floors, he recommended we keep a watchful eye on it.


Well we made it two more years, until last week, when we were getting ready for work and Nick heard a beeping noise. Remember when we bought those cheap water alarms after the dishwasher leaked, well they were worth every penny (and the stars aligned that we were home to hear it before all 40 gallons of water leaked out from the tank). Also, for the curious, the beeping is loud enough to be heard from two floors away and through several closed doors.


Thankfully, we were able to quickly turn off the water supply, mop up the water and empty the rest of the tank before any real damage was done. Nick was able to work from home and by mid-day we had a new tank installed (yay for only having to take one freezing cold shower).


So if your house likes leaking as much as ours does, I’d definitely recommend these water alarms – we bought a three pack and they’ve saved us twice now (the same part on our dishwasher failed a few months after it was first fixed, and we caught the leak before it could do any damage).

Just a friendly public service announcement 🙂


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