Smooth Sailing & Celebrations

Last weekend was a great one for Nick and me. Not only did we take our first sail of the season, but we also celebrated my 30-something birthday! 🙂

We drove up to New Jersey on Friday evening and had cool weather, but clear sunny skies the whole weekend. Nick and I were especially excited about the trip because we found out last week that our boat dealer was nearly done with the repairs and projects on our boat, which means we can finally make the trip down to our new marina!

We spent Saturday morning unpacking and arranging all of the equipment and supplies that we purchased for the boat over the winter. In the afternoon we jumped in the car and made trips to several stores to get the final provisions and boat supplies we needed for the three-day trip from Philadelphia to Annapolis.

Even though it was a long and busy day, we took some time to enjoy ourselves too – Nick hooked up our new hammock to the bow of the boat where we both enjoyed relaxing for awhile in the sunshine. We also had a nice dinner with our marina friends, who bought their boat the day before we did last year, and who will soon be making the trip with their boat up to Manhattan.


On Sunday morning, my birthday, we woke up to light winds and sunny skies, the perfect day for sailing. Nick spoiled me once again and gifted me a new purse, bracelet, candle and a pressure cooker for the boat. Pressure cookers are popular among boaters since they allow you to cook meals in considerably less time and with less gas; this Fagor brand was very well reviewed by America’s Test Kitchen (Nick bought the 6-quart size, which is perfect for our little family).


Since our keeled sailboat can only make it out of the marina during high tide, which happened to be around 9 a.m. last weekend, right after breakfast we dropped our lines and headed out for a sail on the Delaware River.



Nickhelm3 Sarasail

We really enjoyed the day (and weekend), and so far have done pretty well with our new boat on the water, especially Nick who has expertly guided us in and out of our very narrow slip (we have only about 8-inches clearance on each side of the boat).


Nick and I are very much looking forward to our trip down to D.C. with the boat (we head up to Philly on Sunday) and leave at high tide, around 6 a.m. on Monday morning. We are set to arrive in our new marina Wednesday morning. By next weekend we’ll have the boat only 45 minutes away from home, versus the current 2.5 hours!

Wish us luck (and fair winds)!



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