Life lately…

Here are a few updates on life lately.

The chili lime shrimp cups Nick and I made for our Easter appetizers were so quick and delicious; we’ll definitely be making them again. Also, the cherry beer margaritas were amazingly good; we actually made them again a week later (Note: we couldn’t find Cherry 7-Up at the store, so we used strawberry Fanta, which is why ours are more red than the picture in the recipe).

We got the call a few weeks ago that the weather was warm enough for bottom painting the sailboat,  so we drove up to New Jersey to take off the winter cover.

The boat has been painted and is now in the water, and we are headed up there this weekend to take our first sail of the season! Nickboatcover

The cherry blossoms peaked recently and all of D.C. was covered in the most gorgeous blanket of pink. It’s my favorite time of year in the city (especially since I don’t have allergies 🙂 ).


This tomato and spinach frittata recipe has become one of my favorite breakfasts. It’s quick and easy to make and reheats well since Nick and I typically eat it for 2-3 days.


We had amazing weather last weekend, temperatures were near 80 degrees; Nick and I took a class at our future marina about the best cruising spots in the Chesapeake Bay, and then we enjoyed a picnic lunch near the docks.


This might just be the year that the lower level of our backyard, aka the pit, gets a makeover. We are considering some simple landscaping with a fire pit and a few adirondack chairs. Last weekend, Nick and I spent a few hours relocating dozens of tulips and lillies so we could stake out an area to get started on it.

ThepitHave a great weekend, friends and family!


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