The Best Quarter I Ever Spent

I have two more projects to share and then I’ll be done with my bathroom update.

After I updated the door of my bathroom cabinet by replacing the slats with a more modern looking flat panel, I also needed to tackle the inside to organize and add more storage to the bathroom.


Our house has three bathrooms and not a single one has a pull-out drawer! Having only vertical storage available to us presents some challenges and means we have to make the best use of our medicine cabinets, under sink storage, and shelves. The cabinet in my bathroom has three nice shelves, but its especially hard to organize given that it’s very long and narrow at 1 foot wide by 2.5 feet long.

I made only a few small changes, but they’ve really made a difference in keeping the closet more organized. On my top shelf, I store our body towels, so not much needed to be done there. The middle shelf is where I store my hair care and bottles.


One of the most frustrating things in my cabinet was this small vase that held my hair brushes. This was probably the sixth cup I’ve tried using over the years – everything was either too tall, and I had to tip the cup over to get the brushes out, or too short and wide and every time I reached into the cabinet I knocked one of the brushes out.


I had an aha moment when I was finishing my previous project papering the inside of the new door.

The conversation in my head went something like this: “These gold clothes pins are great…I wish I could pin my hair brushes in these, but that would never work…I wonder if my brushes even have holes at the end to hang them…oh my goodness my brushes have holes at the end, I’M GOING TO HANG THEM!”


The very next day Nick and I made the trip to the hardware store, where we spent $.25 on two gold screws that Nick drilled into the side wall. I can’t believe it took me four years to come up with such a simple solution, but I’m telling you it makes a world of difference, and I no longer want to throw my brushes across the room.

Brushes I also had an aha moment when it came to storing my hair dryer. A few years ago I had a blow dryer flame after the power cord frayed from wrapping it around the dryer too many times.  The event scared me enough to stop wrapping the cord, but every time I pulled that darn thing out of my cabinet the power cord dragged several other things with it. After I stayed in a hotel earlier this year, where the blowdryer was hanging from the door in a bag, I got the idea to sew a simple drawstring bag for my own dryer using leftover fabric. Another super simple solution that has worked out so well!
Dryer bag

Another problem I solved was storing my face cleansing wipes, which never seemed to stay in one place. So I bought a basic black mail organizer and spray painted it gold, and then Nick attached the whole thing to the wall with a small screw. It does a great job preventing my shelves from turning into a jumbled mess in a few weeks.

MakeupwipesFor a cohesive look, I also recovered all of my storage boxes in the same gold patterned paper as the door.

That’s one more thing off my to-do list for the project:


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