Where we love is home…

…Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.” – Poet Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Nick and I have lived in six houses in our 14 years together. At the end of 2015, we will have lived in our house for five years – that’s the longest amount of time we’ve lived in one place since moving out of our childhood homes! That anniversary, along with a comment recently made by my colleague, made me realize that I’m not very good at settling my mind into one place.

My colleague and her husband bought their home in D.C. a few years back and despite its imperfections, they love it so much they can’t imagine ever wanting to move – it’s what I call their forever home. She and I were recently chatting about house projects, when she commented to me that I have such a temporary outlook on our living situation and asked if that ever bothered me.

It really got me thinking. There are definitely things about our home that both Nick and I don’t love, and because of that I’ve never imagined that we’d live there for a long time. To me, our home has simply been our current home. But that short-term way of thinking impacts how I make decisions about projects, and even how Nick and I live in our house. For example, when we replaced the light fixture in our bedroom last year, I asked Nick to box the old light fixture and store it in our attic, because I loved the new light so much and “might want to take it with us when we move.” I realize I have a tendency to say things like that all the time – even my colleague noticed!

Maybe it’s because of my work in real estate, or that I spent my entire childhood in one family home, but I’ve gotten stuck on the idea of someday finding our dream or forever home, leaving me mentally unable to unpack. So I decided recently that I needed to change my way of thinking about our house.

The places where Nick and I will live in the years ahead will also be part of our life’s journey together. So I’m going to stop focusing on the future and the fact that I won’t live at this address forever. From now on I’m choosing to remember that home is a feeling too, and I’m blessed to share this house with someone I love.

So what is home to you?


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