So very thankful

Well hello there! I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! Our holiday weekend was lovely; Nick and I have so much in life be thankful for – good health and jobs, supportive family and friends, and all the great things that we have – and it’s good to have a day to thoughtfully reflect on all of those blessings.

We started our Thanksgiving bright and early with a 5K Turkey Trot to benefit D.C.’s homeless and poor.


Despite not running much recently, our little team did great, and we all finished the race in less than 30 minutes.


Back at home, Nick and I got working on preparing our holiday feast. This year’s menu included all of the classic dishes: turkey, stuffing, cranberries and mashed potatoes filled our plates along with broccoli salad and roasted fennel and carrots.


As appetizers we once again dined on shrimp ceviche, but added a spicy tuna tartare from one of my cookbooks. Our signature cocktail this year was an apple cider rum old fashioned with rum, brown sugar, bitters, apple-cider ice cubes and a splash of 7-up (so yummy)!


November is my busiest time of year at work since it’s when my company holds its annual conference, and I typically spend a week away from home (this year was in New Orleans). This year was especially busy at home and work, and I completely slacked on purchasing pumpkins and gourds for decorating our house and table until there wasn’t a single one left in the stores anymore.

So I improvised and put together a simple winter arrangement using some silver candle holders and a vase, a few scented pine cones, and some evergreen branches (which I may or may not have snipped from my next door neighbor’s tree in the dark of the night. In my defense, it’s a huge tree and that missing branch isn’t at all noticeable).


As for our table settings, I picked up some new gold chargers last month to complement my gold-rimmed china, which belonged to my mother. I also created some simple name cards pinned to clothes pins that I spray painted gold and rested them on some pumpkin napkins we were gifted by my in-laws when they visited us for Thanksgiving two years ago.


After stuffing the turkey and putting the turkey in the oven, we spent the rest of the holiday snacking on our appetizers in front of the fireplace, playing games, and of course, watching some football (although I mostly read during game 😉 ).



It’s a tradition at our house to set out a jar in the weeks before Thanksgiving and fill it with slips of paper on which we write the things we are most thankful for that year. Some are silly and others more thoughtful, but we always enjoy taking turns reading our blessings as we eat.


It’s also become a tradition to take a picture of ourselves looking full after we finish feasting – I think I nailed it this year.


As we’ve done in the past, the day after Thanksgiving we put up our Christmas trees and holiday decor. Once again we purchased a real tree for our front window, but also set up our fake Charlie Brown tree in our downstairs den to bring some extra holiday cheer to our home.



On Saturday, we took a break from our leftovers** and got some fresh air by hiking several miles around Sugarloaf Mountain in nearby Frederick, Maryland. The sun was shining and despite a layer of snow on the ground in the mountains, it was a great day to enjoy the outdoors.

**I was, however, able to convince Nick to bring a baggie of turkey with us to snack on while hiking, mmmm-protein.



I hope everyone else had a blessed Thanksgiving too! Now it’s time to start my holiday shopping…


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