Trimming the Trees

I’ve mentioned it before, that Nick and I live in a heavily treed community – the aerial photo below shows our house is barely visible from above.


One VERY large red oak tree is responsible for nearly all of our shade, which you can sort of see in the photo above. The tree resides in the lower level of our backyard, is nearly twice as tall as our three-story home, and is more than four feet in diameter across its base…it’s huge. The photo below is taken from the street and really doesn’t do it justice, because it stands dozens of feet taller than all of our (and our neighbor’s) surrounding trees, but gives you better idea of its size.

Nick and I jokingly say that if that tree ever comes down it will likely crush our entire house – I just hope we aren’t home when it happens 🙂


Unfortunately, since early spring that tree has started to drop large dead pieces of wood on our backyard and patio (some of which were several feet long and several inches thick), and it was only a matter of time before a really large branch came down and did some damage to our fence or outdoor furniture.

After getting several estimates from local tree companies, a few weeks ago a handful of tree trimmers ascended on our house to prune the dead branches from the tree (sorry for the bad photography, these photos were taken through our window screens).

Thankfully, after examining the red oak, the trimmers assured us it was in good overall health, which was great news since they also told us the estimated cost to cut it down would be close to five figures and would involve a 90-ton crane lifting the pieces over our house, which sounds like a terrible idea!


Despite its size, pruning the tree was a simple process. The company rigged and hoisted two trimmers up into the tree, who cut and lowered the tethered limbs down to the ground while another person on the ground used a chainsaw to cut the large limbs into smaller pieces.  You can see in the chipper below, the large size of some of the branches they removed (thank goodness those didn’t come crashing down on us!).


A couple of very large branches were removed from the tree in the back (like the one you can see from our third-story office below), which allows a bit more sunlight to reach our house and lawn below. The tree trimmers also cleared branches from several other trees around our property that were starting to hang too close to the house.

It’s probably standard process, but the company hauled away all of the branches they cut down and even raked the whole yard.


The most glorious thing happened the morning after the tree trimming when I walked into our kitchen and stopped in my tracks because of the sunlight streaming in through the windows. I was so surprised by it that I even took a picture and sent it to Nick; never before has our kitchen (which runs along the backside of our house) been doused in sunlight!


I’m happy our trees are healthier and our backyard is safer – and that extra sunlight shining through our windows makes me even happier!


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