Earning my Grammar Police Badge

While I rarely post personal stories, I wanted to share one of my recent accomplishments, of which I’m particularly proud.

In early-2013, I accepted a promotion at work and was made responsible for all written communications materials for external audiences developed by my team of five. While I consider myself a pretty decent writer and editor, I had a mini panic attack immediately after accepting the role.

So I quickly went in search of a program to hone my editing skills, and after doing some extensive online research, I found a well-reviewed and highly rated copyediting certificate program through the University of California San Diego Extension. The program consisted of four online courses that could be completed in approximately one year.


I began the program in May 2013, and within a few weeks realized I was in over my head– the program is geared toward active copyeditors who are looking to get certified in their profession – and not really for people like me who are looking to learn or bone up on their skills! What made it even harder for me was that the courses are taught to the Chicago Manual of Style, whereas in my profession (working with news reporters), I follow and am most familiar with the Associated Press style of writing and editing…and there are lots of differences. But I stuck with it and spent a lot of hours practicing and reading my class books.


I’m so happy to say, that in late-June, I successfully completely my fourth and final course, and I received A grades in all four classes!


A few weeks ago I received my official certificate in the mail, and while I learned a great deal during this process, I’m also very happy that it’s over (and that I no longer have to spend 10 to 15 hours each week reading grammar books and changing that to which).


With that, please forgive me for all of my past, present and future grammar and usage errors – this blog is my creative outlet, and I need a break from work sometimes!


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