Awhile back, I shared an update on a couple of house projects that have continued to work really well for Nick and me. Unfortunately though, not every project has a happy ending.

Last summer, when Nick and I painted our storm door and threshold we also spray painted the mismatched hardware on the main entry door.


While I was pleased with the much more cohesive look, I was slightly worried about how the spray paint would hold up since other DIY-ers have had varying results with similar projects.


Despite sanding, priming, spray painting and sealing the deadbolts, in less than a year they were looking completely beaten up.

Our black door handle is just a dummy knob (even that keyhole is fake), so the main door has two other locks; since the door is glass and could be easily shattered, in addition to our interior thumb-turn lock, we also have a double-keyed deadbolt, which we lock from the outside when we leave the house. (Sidenote: We also have an alarm system, just in case any robbers are reading this.)

Anyway, you can see below that the spray paint on the interior thumb-turn (which we use when we are home) was completely scratched and the chrome underneath was showing.


On the outside, we had the same problem, the spray paint was no competition for the sharp edges of a key.


After looking at those scratches for the past few months, I finally had it! So we did what any smart DIY-er would do, we gave up on trying to reuse the old deadbolts and went to the hardware store, where we bought two new polished brass Kwikset deadbolts.


Thankfully the installation was easy and quick (minus one strike plate that no longer aligned with the hole in the doorjamb – nothing a drill and a sanding drum can’t fix!).


I’m so much happier about how the non-scratched deadbolts look, and I no longer grumble every time I see the front door.


We’ve done so many projects in our house since we bought it nearly four years ago, and thankfully we’ve only had a few projects like this one that didn’t pan out.


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