Easter (Spring) Menu

The Easter holiday always makes it feel like spring has officially arrived. Thankfully after an usually cold winter, spring is fully in bloom here in D.C. – the plants and trees have blossomed and the grass is green!

Since I’ve shared our holiday menus a few times in the past, I thought I’d share the recipes we selected for our Easter dinner, and if you don’t celebrate the holiday, hopefully these dishes would still make a great-tasting meal for another spring occasion.


Signature cocktail:

  • Pink jelly bean cocktail (pictured above – the recipe is 1 oz. vanilla vodka, 3 oz. ginger ale, and 1 tsp. maraschino cherry juice or grenadine syrup)


Main course:



While this sounds like a lot of food for two people, I always make appropriately sized portions, often halving or thirding recipes (although we never mind the leftovers and food rarely goes to waste at our house).

Nick and I also have an egg-dying tradition, which we always do early so we can use the colored hardboiled eggs for the deviled eggs recipe (Nick is a fan, so they are always on our Easter menu).


I also started decorating our table and pulling out our china, which belonged to my mother and always gets used for holiday dinners – we spend most of our holidays away from our families, so it’s nice to feel like we have a piece of them with us.


I always like to use name cards for our holiday dinners, and so I made these simple cards with bright yellow ribbon and dot stickers, which I thought looked a little bit like jelly beans. I also picked up these cute egg candles for a few dollars at the store.


So the table is nearly ready, and a few of the recipes are already underway (my baker Nick has already made the carrot cake cupcakes). Wishing you all a Happy Easter!



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