Splish, Splash, I’m Changing the Bath

With the cold weather we’ve been continuing to have here in D.C., I’ve been spending a lot of time inside our house, hence all the recent house projects. So here we go again with another room I’m planning to update…this time it’s my bathroom.

Our home has three full bathrooms – one was original to the house and the other two were added during an addition that happened right before we bought the house. While it would be nice to have a bathroom on every level of our house, we have one bathroom on the lowest level, which I also updated recently, and the other two are on our top level. Here’s the layout of our top floor…

Blueprint Upper

Like most rooms in our house, our bathrooms are small, and since there are two upstairs, Nick and I each claimed one as our own. Our master bathroom was one of the newly built ones, but it has very dark wood finishes and masculine looking tiles, and so I declared it Nick’s bathroom. (Note: while that large window in the shower brings in a lot of natural light, we had to add several layers of privacy screening to it so that Nick isn’t giving our neighbors a naughty peep show.)


The bathroom I claimed as my own is directly across the hall from our master bedroom (you might remember seeing this bathroom when our roof sprung a leak). This is the only bathroom original to the house, and while the black and white tile floors seem to be new, there isn’t anything else that is – all the wood in the room is covered with heavy layers of paint.

Here’s a view of the bathroom from the hallway. Even though this bathroom is small, it gets good light from a small window in the shower – thankfully my window is above shoulder height. 🙂


Here’s the view looking into the bathroom. The paint color is Barely Jade by Glidden; it’s a beautiful pale blueish-green color that I selected a few years ago and continue to love. See that hole below the cabinet? Cooper the cat’s litter box is hidden in there and mostly out of sight.


And finally, a view of the remaining wall. The bi-fold door is just a few inches to the right of the toilet. Since this bathroom is a very small space, I like the somewhat monochromatic color scheme, but Nick thinks it’s “too white”, so I’d like to bring in some additional color.


I share this bathroom with Cooper, who spends a great deal of time sprawled out on the bathroom rug (it’s literally one of his favorite places to sleep in the house); however, he does make it somewhat challenging to get ready in the morning when I’m rushing in and out and trying not to step on him.

We also had to install a lock on the bi-fold door because Cooper quickly learned how to push it open, which isn’t helpful when I’m trying to keep warm while showering.


One of the first things I want to tackle in this room is the vanity. The vanity is built directly into the wall (and the back of it abuts the back wall of the shoe/ purse closet in my craft room…which we unfortunately learned when we installed shelves in there :)) So removing the vanity and replacing it with a new one isn’t going to happen, but I have a few simple ideas for updating it.


Another thing I’d like to change is the slatted door on the cabinet that houses my makeup and hair tools, which looks very outdated. Also, the cabinet is very narrow and deep, and I could use a better storage strategy.


So here’s my mini to-do list for the project:

  • Add some additional color to the room
  • Update the slatted cabinet door for a more updated look
  • Update the cruddy old vanity
  • Revive the painted/rusted hardware
  • Brainstorm ways to organize and add more storage to the cabinet

I’ve been wanting to make these changes for some time now, so I’m using that to-do list as motivation to actually get started. Who’s excited to see some changes?


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