The Croffice (the craft room and office)

Our home’s upper level has three bedrooms; while our master bedroom is decent sized, the other two rooms are rather small. For that reason we set up the main guest bedroom downstairs on our lowest level and turned the other two upstairs rooms into offices (or a croffice in my case since it’s where I work and craft). I recently made some changes this room that I wanted to share.

Sadly I don’t have any good before pictures other than the one below from when we reorganized  our catchall hall closet.


To give you a better idea of the room, here is a view of it from the hallway (our master bedroom is through the doorway on the left, and a full bathroom is through the doorway on the right). I painted the stripes on the walls a couple of years, and I still adore them.


On one side of the room is my small craft table/ desk. I’ve mentioned it before, but years ago I permanently etched the silhouette of a snowman onto the top of our dining room table, and I have since been banned from doing projects on any other wood surface. Thankfully I now have my very own metal craft desk!

Awhile back, I wrote about how I added a curtain to my cabinet to hide the messy drawers that store all of my sewing and craft supplies.


Across from my desk is a small twin bed, which we added to the room to fill the space and sleep any additional guests. Since this room is right next to our master bedroom, Nick or I sometimes end up in here at night if we are restless or not feeling well.

You can see in the photo below some of the changes I made to the room. We previously had a navy polka dot comforter on the bed, but neither Nick nor I really liked it. So when I came across this brown zig-zag duvet on clearance at Pottery Barn Teen recently, I bought it immediately. We already owned the brown quilted pillow sham, and I picked up the pink pillow cover and insert at Ikea for some added color.

I’ll save you from hearing about me sewing another pillow cover, because I realize I have likely sewed more pillow covers than Martha Stewart, but the dotted pillow cover fabric is from designer Jacqueline Savage McFee (and is called Hand Picked Diamonds) and brings some extra color to the room.


At the foot of the bed is small, very narrow closet – so narrow that it doesn’t fit a standard size coat hanger, so a few years ago Nick and I took out the closet rod and installed shelves to store my purses and our shoes.


If you sit down at my desk/craft table and look out the door, this is what you see…a straight view into Nick’s office. We used to share that office, but my craft room/ office wasn’t getting a whole lot of use, so I decided to move out and into my own space.


Since my craft office is next door to our master bedroom, this room also houses our ironing board, which I use several times a week to press my work clothes…this means it’s almost always set up in the room. Because of that, I like the ironing board cover to match the colors of the room and I’ve recovered it several times over the years.

Here’s a really old picture of the bed and the matching ironing board cover that I sewed.


Since the blue-green was really clashing with the new duvet cover, when I bought the fabric for the throw pillow, I also purchased this coordinating brown dotted fabric (also by Jacqueline Savage McFee and called Hand Picked Dots).


Like I’ve said before, many of my sewing tricks are probably cringe-worthy to real sewers, but I’ve followed this technique several times for recovering the ironing board and it has always worked well for me. So here it is…years ago when I was recovering the ironing board for the first time, I planned to use ribbon to cinch the cover, but ended up not having enough, so I decided to sew my new fabric right on top of the old fabric – and it worked out so well that I’ve now done it several times!

The first step is to untie the cinched cover and pull it flat. Then lay it on top of the new fabric, like below, to use it as a pattern for the new cover.


Next, cut the fabric about two inches wider all the way around the original cover.


Below is an up-close picture of the cotton string that is serged to the original cover. The string inside needs to be able to move freely to tighten the cover to the board, so keep your stitches well away from this string.


To do that, fold the overhanging fabric in half, so that the cut edge of the fabric is touching the edge of the old cover, and then fold the fabric in half again. The new fabric should now overlap the edge of the old cover by about 1/2 inch. Then pin the fabric in place and continue all the way around.


Once the cover is pinned in place, sew the two fabrics together using a wide zig-zag stitch and making sure to keep a good distance away from the pull string. (Using a wide, loose stitch makes it easier to cut the two fabrics apart when you decide to recover the ironing board again in the future.)

At the base of the old cover the two pull strings come together; when you get to this area stop sewing at least a half-inch away from the string and finish with a backstitch. (If you sew too close to the strings you’ll sew them closed, and then you won’t be able to pull them tight around the ironing board.)


Center the cover on the ironing board and slowly start to pull the strings tight. As you see in the picture below, when you pull the drawstrings, the zigzag stitches are pulled underneath, so they aren’t at all visible from above.


Below is a photo of the re-covered ironing board, which matches the new room colors so much better!


A few years ago, Nick hung two small hooks behind the door to hang the ironing board and hide it away.


But unless we have guests, this is almost always how the room looks, with the ironing board set up at the foot of the bed for quick use when I’m getting ready in the morning, and that is why I spent those 15 minutes re-covering the ironing board.


And finally, a view of the ironing board against the new bed covers.


P.S. I made that sunburst a few years ago by sanding and staining a package of $2 shims from the hardware store. I simply hot glued them in two overlapping layers to a small cardboard circle that I cut from an old box and then attached a two-inch mirror I bought at the craft store.

After I was finished, I asked Nick to take a picture of the sunburst on his cell phone, and below is the picture he e-mailed to me (seriously, it still makes me crack up every time I see this picture).


So what do you think of the room’s new colors, so much better right!?


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