A few project updates

I wanted to give an update on a couple of projects that Nick and I completed last year and how well they continue to work for us.

One of my resolutions last year was to tackle some of the closet storage challenges in our house (Part 1Part 2), which has very little closet space. One of those closet projects was installing a clear shoe organizer into our hall medicine/linen closet to increase its storage capacity (since the closet is less than a foot wide).

This is how the closet looked last year, right after Nick installed the cut-down shoe organizer…


And here’s the closet now. The pocketed organizer continues to work really well to store our personal and healthcare items. I’m definitely pleased with how well this continues to work for us.


In fact, the organizer works so well that I asked Nick to install the other half of it to the back of the storage room door on our lowest level to hold my cleaning supplies and products.


Another project that I tackled last year was organizing my purses – or purse mess – by installing some inexpensive brackets across the shelf to keep my purses organized and upright.


Here’s what that closet looks like today (I did zero organizing before I snapped this photo). The brackets are slightly hidden by the purses but they continue to work really well and I’ve had no problems pulling out a purse without having others fall on my head–which used to be a very common occurrence–and then sliding the purse back on to the shelf when I’m done with it.


We also started a compost pile in our backyard last year, which was something that I wanted to do for a few years. While composting is a pretty boring topic to most people, this was one of my favorite projects and something that I wish we’d started sooner. Making a small, simple lifestyle change to benefit the planet makes me very happy. 🙂

I continue to be amazed by the quantity of food that we compost each week, which we used to throw out in the trash. Neither Nick nor I realized how much we threw out until we started collecting it for composting – and we only rarely throw out uneaten or spoiled food – its almost all food scraps like banana peels, lettuce cores, and coffee filters and grounds.


Things were going great with our compost pile until November when the weather started to really cool down. Before then, the majority of food scraps would break down within about a week, but the cold weather caused the food to decompose at a much slower rate.

Thankfully, right after the new year our community started a free composting service. They provided us with a 5-gallon bucket with a screw top lid and special compostable liners. The crew comes by once a week to empty the bucket, and twice a year they’ll deliver us a bag of compost.

While we’ll probably switch back to our own compost pile in spring, for now this is working really well for us (and it’s saving Nick and I from taking trips down into the lower level of our backyard, aka “the pit”, since the last time I was down there I was startled by a possum, and I’m still slightly afraid).


So there are three of my favorite projects from last year that continue to make our home life better and easier. Of course, I have a few more projects planned for this year, which I’m hoping will make me just as happy next year.


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