Be our guest

Last summer, Nick and I made some decorative updates to the bathroom on our lowest level, which serves as the main bath for our overnight visitors since it’s next to the guest bedroom. With the holidays behind us, I had it on my to-do list to tackle the guest room and add a few more personal touches.

Like all the rooms in our house, this bedroom is small at only 10 x 13 feet, but it’s large enough for a queen-sized bed and two night stands.


I’d decided early on that I wanted to go with an orange and teal color palette, and so a few years ago I purchased an octagon jacquard duvet cover from West Elm along with a matching orange throw pillow. I also purchased some wood tile plaques from World Market that I spray painted teal. And then that was it, and the room sat unchanged for over a year.


I’d always planned to tie the orange and teal colors together, and I thought the easiest way to do that was to recover the large decorative euro pillows on the bed with a fabric that incorporated both colors. A few weeks ago I found the fabric below, Adrian Dossett Mandarin by Premier Prints at, and I purchased two yards for $15.

While I was slightly worried about the two prints clashing, the duvet and euro pillows are separated by our basic white sleeping pillows, which helps break up the prints…but I also think that mixing different patterns makes for a fun and interesting room design.


I’ve shared before my obsession with frequently recovering our throw pillows (here and here), but this time I challenged my amateur sewing skills by actually sewing zippered pillow covers (I followed this great step-by-step tutorial). I’m pretty sure I would have made my mother, who was a very talented sewer, at least a little bit proud.


Nick and I also  purchased some small reading lights for the nightstands. We were most attracted to these lights because of the plug-in socket in the base of the light. There are a few poorly placed outlets in this room, so we figured it would be more convenient for our guests to plug in their cell phones right on the nightstands.


I also added a few more orange and teal decorations to the cabinet at the foot of the bed, basically a few books we already had on hand and a lantern I recently picked up at Ikea for few dollars.


I also added a framed print from one of our trips and a new candle to the nightstands. While there’s definitely more we can do to this space, for now I think the decorative touches make it warmer and more inviting…even Cooper the cat seems to like it.



Anyone else tackling rooms in the new year?

P.S. – who wants to be our next house guest and try out the new room? 🙂


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