A Quick Thanksgiving Recap

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, our holiday was great – we enjoyed a relaxing and quiet day at home eating, drinking and cheering on our favorite sports teams.


This year’s signature cocktail, the apple cider margarita, was a great hit and it paired really well with the shrimp ceviche and crab citrus salad appetizers (all recipes are here).


After preparing the turkey and watching the Macy’s parade and some football, we spent time sitting by a fire and playing our favorite games.


And then it was time to eat! So much great food, so little room in our stomachs…


Nick and I stuffed ourselves on leftovers all weekend long, but we just couldn’t finish all of our turkey – so by Sunday the leftover turkey made its way into some pot pies that we froze for a quick meal someday soon.



I’ve said it before, but Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays and I’m feeling so very thankful after this past weekend (and a little sad the holiday has come and gone)!

But there’s no time to dwell on it since it’s December now and Christmas is right around the corner. There is lots of decorating, shopping and planning to be done before Nick and I can head home to Wisconsin to spend the holidays with our friends and families!


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