Gobble, gobble

I shared Nick’s and my Thanksgiving menu last year, so I thought I’d make it a tradition and share our menu again this year. As usual, our dining table will be mostly filled with our favorite, traditional Thanksgiving dishes, but I always like to try a few new recipes each year.

This year I started my menu planning with our signature cocktail, and once I’d settled on an apple cider margarita, I decided to stick with a Mexican theme for our appetizers, which we usually dine on around noontime (we like to celebrate the whole day and rarely eat our main Thanksgiving meal before 6 p.m.).

Signature cocktail:


Main Course:

  • Turkey (gobble, gobble!)



  • Pumpkin pie

I also spent some time this week prepping our home and table decor for the holiday. I love decorating our mantel and dining room table with natural elements, like pumpkins and gourds, but I’ve learned the hard way that if you don’t watch them closely they start to get mushy and can leave surface stains on the wood.

Since we spent so much time refinishing our mantel last year, I decided to create a buffer between the pumpkins and the wood mantel/table. Nick and I purchased a 3-foot length of primed wood from the hardware store, which I covered in a few coats of chalkboard paint (I can easily repaint it in the future if any pumpkins start to ooze).


Here’s the board in action on our Halloween mantel last month (I created the dotty pumpkins but Nick gets credit for the spiderweb design).


After Halloween, I moved the board and the (repainted) pumpkins to the dining room table.


I also filled in around the pumpkins with a few gourds and pine cones.


I replaced the pumpkins on the mantel with a turkey statue gifted from my parents-in-law,  some gold candlesticks and a few faux leaves.


I also prepared our name cards (yes, I always create name cards, even when it’s only Nick and me) and followed this tutorial to fold our dinner napkins with a triple-pocket fold to hold our flatware.


So that’s it, Nick and I are all set to celebrate Thanksgiving and all of our blessings. Best wishes for a warm and wonderful holiday!



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