Meep, Meep

For awhile, Nick had been contemplating buying a scooter since it’s a quick, convenient and easily park-able mode of transportation for getting around D.C. Earlier this year he finally found the perfect one and brought it home (for those who might wonder, it’s a black Vespa S150).

So far we’ve been pleased with his purchase decision – the scooter is great for running errands and we’ve enjoyed buzzing around the city; Nick even rides it work sometimes (motorcycle licenses are required to drive a scooter in D.C. so I’m restricted to being a passenger). 


Since we don’t have a garage or shed Nick has been parking the scooter at the front of our parking pad and locking it to the wooden fence railing. This has been working well, minus one thing – our old brick driveway isn’t very stable for propping up the scooter, and if you don’t center the kickstand just right on a brick it’s likely to topple over in a good breeze.


So we needed a better solution; after a little bit of thinking we decided that the quickest and easiest option was to replace the smaller bricks with some larger 16×16 inch pavers, which would provide more stability to the kickstand and scooter. Our first step was to remove all of the bricks in a 3 x 6 foot area, just slightly longer and wider then the scooter.


Nick made quick work of removing the bricks, although many were so old they were cracked and crumbling and came out in pieces.


Once the area was clear of the old bricks, he stamped down the dirt as much as possible and then set in the new pavers, which we picked up for $20 at Home Depot.


Once the pavers were in place Nick filled in a few of the larger gaps with some of the smaller broken bricks and then swept dirt into all of the cracks.


Here’s the finished result, while the bright red pavers stand out now against the surrounding, older bricks, I don’t think it will take too long for them to get dirty and blend in a bit better.


Like most of our projects, this one was inexpensive and easy, but makes a real difference – the larger bricks provide a much more stable foundation for the scooter and we don’t have to worry about it tipping over like we did before.


So what do you think, can we add custom scooter pad to our home’s list of features :)?


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