Pitching the tent

While Labor Day might be the unofficial last weekend of summer, it is the official start of our camping season since you can’t find any relief from D.C.’s summer heat in a tent… not even deep in the woods.

We did some camping earlier this summer before it got too hot, but wanted to get out again a few more times this fall. The forecast for this past weekend called for sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-70s, perfect for camping. So we loaded up our car and headed to nearby Patapsco State Park, about 30 minutes northeast of D.C. (and only 10 miles west of Baltimore).

We got settled at our site on Friday evening and spent most of Saturday hiking around the park and its many, many miles of trails while enjoying the late-summer weather.



Check out the size of this leaf!



Nick is always such a good sport when I ask him to strike a pose 🙂



We definitely enjoyed ourselves camping this weekend and we hope to make it back out at least one more time before the parks close for the season. I hope everyone had a nice weekend too!


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