Finding art for our home’s blank walls is always a challenge when Nick and I move into a new place (FYI, after I wrote that sentence I did the math and we’ve actually lived in six different places in our 12 years together – YIKES!).

Like many other people, I like art that is interesting or has a story behind it, but finding those pieces always seems difficult…which is probably why I have the problem I mentioned above.

The summer after we moved in, one of my favorite DIY bloggers created some simple and unique botanical wall art by framing fern fronds from her backyard in basic white frames and I really loved the simplicity of the framed pieces. During a camping trip a few weeks later, I gathered a few fern fronds from around our campsite, pressed them flat for a few days and then mounted them onto white heavyweight construction paper. Super easy and inexpensive (well, minus the cost of camping ūüėČ )


Despite how simple they are, I’ve always liked how they¬†liven up the den with a touch of nature. Unfortunately, the past few months I’ve noticed that the ferns have gradually started to fade from a rich, dark green to more of a sad yellow-green color. I didn’t want to throw them out them though, because I don’t have any other art to fill the frames, so I did what I any good DIY-er would do…I got out the spray paint!


I thought about spraying the ferns green, but that just seemed expected; after considering a few other colors I finally settled on my favorite metallic gold. I removed each of the fern fronds from the frames and gave them a quick thin coat of spray paint.

After letting the fern fronds dry for a few minutes, I sprayed the backs with a thin coat of spray adhesive and set them back in the same place on the construction paper.

It’s hard to capture a good picture of the finished result because of the reflection in the glass of the frame, but I’m so happy with how they turned out (in person the gold is richer and you can see more of the fern’s leaflets). And just like the original art project this simple update was quick and inexpensive since I already had the spray paint.


Here’s a view of the new gold ferns in the den, I think the gold blends well with our tan couch and creatives a more cohesive and attractive look.¬†Fernsafter

So what do you think, are you all for turning nature into art?


5 thoughts on “Fern-tastic

  1. Sara; It was an excellent idea to use the ferns! With Fall right around the corner; you will have an abundance of colored items to fill more picture frames!! The frames compliment the rest of the furnishings! Nice job!!
    Your Dad

  2. Next time you are in Milwaukee, I need you to go through you house and make a list of projects for me to do….you inspire me every time I read your blog!

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