Drip, Drop

No phrase makes Nick cringe more than “something bad happened.” I try to use this phrase sparingly, saving it for times when something bad actually has happened; like a couple of weeks ago when I was getting ready for work in the morning, after a night of heavy downpours, and looked up at the ceiling while blow drying my hair only to see that the ceiling paint looked bubbled, presumably from a leak in the roof since my bathroom is on our top floor and no pipes run overhead.

Our roof was newly shingled right before we bought the house three years ago, so we figured it had to be an issue with a pipe vent or seam. Thankfully, the leak was in an area of the roof that we can access via the attic…and it was also Nick’s day off of work (although Nick was not thankful that his original plans for the day were shot 🙂 ).  Nick was able to get up into the attic and quickly assess the situation, and just like we thought the water seemed to be entering the house in the area very near my bathroom’s pipe vent stack.

**Sorry for the blurry photos, but it’s very tight up in our attic.


We don’t keep anything of value in our attic and the only thing that got wet was an empty box. Nick spent a few hours calling roofers, pulling down all of the wet insulation and taping up a tarp as a temporary solution since most roofing companies were scheduled for several weeks out.



The roofers came a few weeks ago and said the flange around the plumbing vent pipe on the roof had been installed without any shingles underneath of it and the previous roofers also incorrectly nailed right through the metal. Thankfully it only took them about 20 minutes to replace the flange and correctly re-install the shingles around it.


Unfortunately, once everything dried we were still left with blistered paint on the ceiling of my bathroom.


Nick started the repair by using a small utility knife to lightly score the paint all the way around the damaged area. Since the bathroom was painted with semi-gloss paint he was able to peel the top coat of most of the paint right off, except in a few areas where he used a small putty knife to scrape it away.


After Nick gave it a good sanding, we wiped it down with a dry cloth and then I patched the area with a thin layer of spackling and then let it dry overnight.


Once the spackling was thoroughly dried, I leveled the area with a large sander. There is nothing more messy than sanding spackling over your head, I was covered in white dust from head to toe, and Nick literally vacuumed me clean!


We repeated the spackling  and sanding process to ensure good coverage, and then the following evening Nick primed the area since it’s always good to prime over spackling before painting it.


The next night I repainted the patched area (and the rest of the ceiling since we didn’t have the original paint to do a touch up) with two thin and even coats of white semi-gloss paint.


Here’s a flashback to the before shot….


And now a much better looking after shot…the patch turned out really well and you can’t even tell that the area was repaired. It’s so nice to look up and not see that wrinkled paint anymore!


P.S. Is your neck tired from looking up so much, mine sure was! 🙂


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