Under Pressure

While Nick and I are really loving our new green front door, we haven’t been loving the green that’s been popping up in other places around our house – mainly the mildew and dirt that have been building up on the front and side of our house since spring.

Check out this picture of the side of our front porch, the edge is covered in mildew…


The siding next to the front porch was also covered in green, mostly behind the gas meter and hibiscus plant (which just started blooming!)…


But the worst of the mold was on the northwest side of our house; I see this side of the house every night on my commute home and I was tired of seeing it so dirty…and I’m sure the neighbor was too.


Last summer we tackled this project with the garden hose and brushes but it was dirty work and took ALL day, so this year we decided to rent a small electric pressure washer from our local hardware store, which cost $25 for a 24-hour rental.

The machine was simple to use and could easily be carried around our multilevel yard.


The pressure washer made quick work of removing the dirt and mold from the cement patio, we didn’t even need to use any cleaners.


The mold behind the gas meter and shrubs also came off easily…


Removing the mold buildup from the side of the house was the most challenging given the height of the house, which is three-stories on this side, but we were able to clean the dirtiest of the areas with the help of a ladder and by standing on the back porch.


Since we had the pressure washer for the whole day we also tackled some other areas of the house, such as the siding along our brick driveway, which tends to get really dirty from the rain splashing the dirt off the bricks and onto the house.


Of course we didn’t stop with the exterior of the house. Our back brick patio is trimmed in wood and was definitely in need of some cleaning; now you can actually see the grain of the wood. Patio

Nick and I took turns spraying pretty much everything on our house and in our yard, including each other since the weather was really hot (on the lowest setting, of course!) , and finally quit when we were both soaking wet and dirt-speckled nearing the end of our 24-hour rental. Here are the before and after shots side-by-side.


Anyone else ever pressure wash? Nick and I are really happy with the results and the project was actually kind of fun. I think we might just start renting a pressure washer every summer!


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