Green With Envy

For a while now I’ve been admiring the green painted front door of a house just up the street from ours. The main part of the house is painted in the same neutral colors as our own house, and the green pop of color on the front door has always drawn my attention on my daily walk past it.


We already have a somewhat green theme going on our porch with the rug, plant pots and bench pillow, so painting our front door a similar shade seemed like a natural choice. Earlier this spring our local hardware store was offering a free quart of Clark + Kensington paint, which was great motivation for us to finally select a color and get going with our front door transformation.


After letting the can of paint sit around for a while, a few weekends ago Nick and I finally got to work. Let me start by saying that I can’t believe we waited so long to undertake this project; the newly painted doors make such a nice and welcoming difference.

Our main entry has two doors, a storm door and the main exterior door. In addition to painting the outside of the storm door green, we also decided to touch up the main door. and trim. You can see why below, the trim on the side of the door was cracked and unpainted…


The paint along the door stop was heavily chipped…


And the threshold had seen far better days…


Step one was to completely wipe down both doors with hot, soapy water; I’m slightly embarrassed by how dirty these doors were.


Next, we used razor blades to lightly remove all the excess paint from the glass that was left from the previous overpainting.


Then it was time to start painting. The color we selected was Dublin, the perfect shade of green; bright but not too bold.

We only painted the exterior of the storm door and left the inside the same off-white color as the main door, so the insides of the two doors are consistent in color when opened. The door took three coats of paint to get really good streak-free coverage; I switched to a craft brush to paint the mullions.


While I was tackling the storm door, Nick was busy touching up the paint on the trim, stoop, threshold and main door. You can see in the picture below that the wet door paint wasn’t fully dried before it was shut so it had a line of white paint around it (clearly the previous owner was in a hurry).


An hour later and everything looked so much better with a coat of new paint, check out this after shot of the threshold!


Since we removed all of the hardware from the doors, I decided to spray the mismatched hardware with a coat of shiny brass paint. The fact that our door has a black knob and a silver and gold deadbolt has bothered me since we moved in (sadly, it’s also representative of the hardware inside of the house, which is a mix of all three metals).


While shiny brass hardware isn’t for everyone, it is making a comeback in home decor and feels most appropriate for our 1920s-style home. I followed this tutorial for spray painting the hardware (minus the black porcelain knob), and coated it in a clear topcoat, which should hold up against daily use. After letting the hardware dry for a few hours, Nick re-installed it and I couldn’t believe how much better the door looked!


Even though things were looking really good, we didn’t stop there. We decided to bling up the entry a little bit more by installing a brass kick plate on the main door, which we picked up for $20 at Home Depot. It only took a few minutes for Nick to take measurements, drill pilot holes and screw the kick plate to the door.


Now that’s a good looking front door!


Here’s a view of the finished result, I really like how the door plays off the yard greenery and really pops from the house now.

The covered porch makes the color appear darker than it really is, up close it’s a much brighter shade of green. Awhile back we also installed some larger and more modern house numbers that are easier to read from the street and match the exterior lights. I’ve blurred them out for privacy but wanted to share a full view of the entry.


Finally, here’s before and after shots.

PicMonkey Collage

So what do you think, are you a fan of a brightly painted front doors?


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