Vegging Out

The past couple of weeks have been busy with work and house projects (updates on those coming soon) and so Nick and I were determined to take a break this weekend.

There isn’t any better way to get away from it all than by taking a trip to the country, and our favorite pick-your-own farm, about an hour west of D.C. in Virginia, seemed like a great destination.

I’ve mentioned this farm before, since it’s an annual tradition of ours to pay it a visit. We had a really nice day, and even though the skies were overcast, the temperature was warm and in the 80’s.


Our favorite thing to pick at this farm is fresh summer peaches, but this year all the ripe peaches had already been picked and the next crop wouldn’t be ready for another week or two. The owners of the farm suggested we pick Japanese yellow plums, which have a tart skin and a sweet flesh, and so we picked a quarter peck.


We also picked eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, peppers and an armful of perfectly ripe sweet corn.


We spent an hour or so at the farm and picked enough fruits and vegetables to fill our entire cooler.


After the farm we headed to Delaplane Cellars Vineyards–one of several nearby wineries–for a picnic lunch. This winery is one of our favorites since it has a large outdoor patio with a great view of the vineyards and hosts a live band every Saturday afternoon.


It was really nice to relax with our picnic and the wine, music and views. We even splurged on these mini cheesecakes from a small cafe near our house, salted caramel for me and key lime for Nick!


Anyone else ever pick yellow plums, do you have any recipes to share? We hope you are enjoying your weekend too!


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