Hello from London

The last few weeks have been very busy, especially at work because of a new position I assumed recently, an annual conference, and my first new hire on my team! Things have also been busy at home as Nick and I prepared for our trip to Europe and got our house ready for Nick’s parents, who are graciously house- and cat-sitting while we are away!

Despite an ever growing to-do list, everything did get done and late last week we helped Nick’s parents settle in and made our way to London, the first stop on our trip!

Thank goodness for having a direct flight since both sides of our flights were delayed – rain and winds held up our departure from D.C., and an emergency landing by a Norwegian plane closed down Heathrow airport for awhile so we circled the area before finally landing at 11:30 a.m. local, well over an hour after our intended arrival.

After leaving customs and the airport we made our way to the tube and our rental flat in Fulham. It was cold and rainy, only about 45 degrees, quite the change from the 70s and 80s we’ve been enjoying in D.C.

Since we couldn’t check into our rental until later in the afternoon we stopped at a local pub, The Pembroke, for lunch and a celebratory drink to finally arriving in Europe.

Our flat is perfect for our couple of days here, after unpacking our things and visiting with the rental manager we headed to a nearby grocery store for a few things, made a simple dinner and then put our jet legged selves to bed, where we slept for almost 12-hours!

It was a good first day in London.









2 thoughts on “Hello from London

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