Ships Ahoy!

Nick and I are lucky in that all of the bathrooms in our house were remodeled right before we bought it, so we’ve had to do almost nothing to them. This includes the bathroom on our lowest level, which serves as the main bath for our visitors since it’s located right next to the guest bedroom. The only things I’ve in done in there are hang a shower curtain, put out hand towels and lay down a gigantic rug – the tile floor sits right on the concrete slab and the floor gets so cold in winter I swear you could get frostbite!


Like most of the rooms in our house, this bathroom is tiny and the only real space to hang any decorations or pictures is on the wall directly above the toilet – and unfortunately that wall isn’t completely flat. One side is bumped out a few inches further than the rest of the wall, presumably to hide plumbing pipes, which seems to make anything hung on the wall look off-centered.

I bought and hung some small decorative tiles just to cover the bare walls when we hosted a shower for our friends awhile back, but the tiles were too small for the space and after looking at them for over a year I recently decided they needed to go.


Another odd thing about this bathroom is the lighting; the bathroom has these funny looking white flush-mount lights on each of the  side walls that Nick was convinced were outside lights because of the caging…and an Internet search confirmed his suspicions!


We’ve always thought the lights had a nautical look though, so it was humorous to see that the words “nautical” and “coastal” were actually part of the light’s product name. Since they work fine and we don’t dislike them enough to replace them we decided to just embrace the nautical theme.


After turning to the Internet for inspiration, and throwing out the traditional nautical decor like shells, rope and anchors, I came across a flag banner from Land of Nod, and I thought we might be able to hang or frame a few of the flags in the bathroom. I was really pleased with the quality of the flags once they arrived, the colors were vibrant and they were well-made from heavy cloth.


After debating several different ways to hang them we finally decided to frame three of them in a vertical row above the toilet. We selected three of the most colorful flags, ironed them flat and then centered them in a few silver frames we picked up at Ikea that matched the bathroom’s hardware. Then we centered and hung the frames over the toilet. While the unevenness of the wall is somewhat annoying since it makes them look slightly off-center, I think the frames fill up the wall space so much better than the tiles, and I like the splash of color they add to the room.



So what do you think, are you on board with the nautical theme?! (See what I did there :))

P.S. True story: Before I came across the nautical flags, I fell in love with the idea of hanging a vintage life ring and was very close to buying one until Nick pointed out the hilarity of hanging something that reads “Welcome Aboard” above the toilet. 🙂

Welcome Abroad Lifering


4 thoughts on “Ships Ahoy!

  1. OMG Sara! How cute! I love those lights and you made the room perfect! I know dad and I wll enjoy the new look in a few weeks! MW

  2. Sara, I told Brad about your new design and he said he totally would have gone with the life preserver. But that is just him. He thought it would have been hilarious and wonders how many people would have actually commented on it. Brad says “Ahoy Matey”.

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