My name is Sara and I have an addiction…

…to sewing pillow covers. I’ve mentioned it before that I have an obsession with changing our couch pillow covers, and since I recently changed out the pillow covers on our upstairs couch, I figured it was also time to recover the pillows on our downstairs couch. I have a problem people!

Our lower level den is where we do most of our relaxing and TV watching, so the couch has two sets of pillows for extra comfort. Last year I recovered our smaller 16×16 pillows in a chevron stripe pattern (Premier Prints Zoom Zoom River Rock Twill Fabric) so for the past few months I’ve been looking for a complementary color and pattern to recover our larger 20×20 pillows that have been hidden away (uncovered – gasp!) in the closet.


I finally settled on a grey and white links pattern called Gotcha Twill Storm from fabric designer Premier Prints. I thought the pattern and color would complement the smaller pillow covers and also help tie our tan couch to our grey armchairs. I bought two yards of the fabric from Warehouse Fabrics for less than $15 thanks to an Internet coupon for free shipping.



I sew all of my covers in a super easy envelope style with overlapping back flaps because its quick and simple. It also makes it easy to remove the pillow inserts if I want to wash (or replace) the pillow covers.

For this project, I took the easiest route possible and cut the pillow covers out of one piece of fabric rather than three separate pieces. Since my pillows were 20×20 inches square, I cut two pieces of fabric 20-inches wide x 45-inches long (45 inches long gave me 20-inches for the front panel and 25-inches for the two back panels, allowing for a 5-inch overlap). Tip: I always cut my pillows to the exact size of the insert so they fit snugly and are extra plump.


On the two short ends of the pillow cover I folded over about 1/4 inch of the fabric and ironed it flat, and then repeated the fold so no raw edges were showing. Then I stitched a line down the pressed edge with basic white thread.


Now that both the top and bottom edges were sewn, I turned the fabric right-side in and folded it like an envelope, centering the bottom flap at 10-inches and the top flat at 15-inches, so I had a full 5-inches of overlap. The total length and width of the fabric should be 20-inches. My last step was to sew a line down both raw edges of the fabric. Then I turned the pillow cover right-side out and ironed it flat to get rid of any creases.

fabric fold

Here’s a picture of the two pillows together on the couch. The playful patterns help add interest to our mostly neutral living space, and since both fabrics are from the same manufacturer the greys are nearly an exact match, which I think helps tie the two patterns together.


And here’s a shot from the couch, so you can see the grey armchair I was trying to tie to the couch with my pillow cover fabrics.


Now that I’ve re-covered nearly every pillow in our house, I think I’ll take a break from sewing pillow covers for awhile…maybe 🙂


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