A Few Little Projects

I’ve been adjusting to a new position at work and recovering from a head cold so not much has been happening at home (other than lots of resting and relaxing!). But I wanted to share the results of a few small projects that Nick and I tackled recently.

The first little project was to update the door latch on the hall closet that we recently reorganized. Like so much of the door hardware in our house, the latch was covered with dozens of coats of white paint, which often made it hard to close. Awhile back Nick stripped off all the paint, but what we ended up with wasn’t very attractive…


All of the unpainted hardware in our house is gold, so I figured a coat of gold spray paint would make the latch fit in and look a lot better. Rustoleum Gold Metallic spray paint comes highly recommended on the home decor blogs I read for its true brassy gold color, it was my first time trying it and I was really pleased with the color. While I had the spray paint out I also updated a vase and few old frames.


I gave everything a few thin and even coats and then let them dry for several days. Here’s the latch back on the closet door, looking so much better than before!


And a close-up. The spray paint should hold up well on the latch, since we don’t use the closet on a daily basis, otherwise if it starts to chip it’s easy enough to give it another coat.


Remember that vase I mentioned above? After letting it dry for a couple of days I taped off the top of the vase and covered it with plastic and lightly sprayed the bottom with a few coats of glossy white spray paint. I set the vase on a small tray in our den, since the tray previously held coasters and that was it. I like how the gold and white play off the tan couch and pillows and I think it matches the room’s decor much better than the original blue color.


The last project we worked on recently was updating the fireplace hearth. First, let me remind you of our fireplace’s history – when we first moved into the house the fireplace was very dirty and soot stained and the dark red bricks sucked the light from our tiny living room. After having the fireplace professionally cleaned we primed and painted the bricks in a glossy white, and then last summer we changed our mind and stripped and stained the mantel.


The problem with a painted fireplace though is that after a long winter of fires, the paint starts to show some wear and tear; ours was also suffering from a large burn mark from a rogue log! A few weeks back we burned the  last of our firewood and figured it was a good time to put the fireplace to bed for the warmer months. So we thoroughly vacuumed it and scrubbed it clean.


After wiping everything down and letting it dry I painted the hearth with two coats of my favorite primer, which does an amazing job at hiding stains and making sure they don’t bleed through latex paint. Things were already starting to look better.


After letting the primer thoroughly dry, I followed up with two coats of glossy white paint. And that’s it, the hearth looks as good as new…well, at least until next winter.


So those are a few of the little projects that we’ve worked on recently. We had record temperatures in the 80’s and 90’s this past week and all the trees and plants are blooming so it seems like spray painting season spring is finally here! I’m excited to start tackling some outside projects, how about you?


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