Finding My Match

I wanted to share a story of personal craziness perseverance.

Two things happened last year that sent me – and my faithful project partner – on a ceiling paint journey. Well, Nick was mostly dragged along.

The first that happened is that we changed the light fixture in our dining room and the base of the new light was smaller than the previous light, so we needed to touch up the ceiling paint. A short time later we had to open up the ceiling in our lower level to fix a small leak. After the leak was repaired and the ceiling was patched and primed, we were left with a second unpainted section of ceiling.

I was determined to match the existing ceiling paint color so that we could simply touch up the areas. The alternative was to repaint the ceilings of both rooms (especially not appealing since every room in our house was freshly painted before we moved in two years ago).

Over the past year we bought and tested no less than a dozen different gallons of ceiling paint, but the sheen or the color was always off and so they went right back to the store. My obsession went so far, that earlier this year I reached out via Facebook to the previous owner of our house…who’s now living back in England. He referred me to the paint contractor; sadly he couldn’t recall the specifics of what was used in our house, but said he mostly used Benjamin Moore or Duron paints.

On different weekends last month Nick and I drove to both paint stores, but neither brand of ceiling paint ended up being a match. The clerk at one of the stores even recommended that I give up and repaint the ceilings…but I just couldn’t do it!

So last weekend I found myself on a painting forum where I read about a Benjamin Moore line of paint called Super Spec, which is popular among contractors and is typically used in apartments and commercial spaces…but sometimes also on ceilings. I decided I had to give it a try.

I told Nick that this was going to be our very last attempt (to be honest, I think I said that once or twice before). The next day we made a return trip to the Benjamin Moore paint store (where I was told by the same clerk to just give up already!).

Friends, the point of my story is that my determination finally paid off! The new paint was an exact match! THE END.


P.S. I’d like to give Nick a shout-out, first for putting up with my bullheadedness (and not agreeing with that clerk) and second for actually painting the ceilings 🙂

P.P.S. Now that we found the ceiling paint match, I’m probably going to change every single light in our house and even have a few other projects in mind…finding the paint match was just the beginning!


3 thoughts on “Finding My Match

  1. Nick, I feel for you. But you have better learn to live with that pure German stubbornness of hers. Just bow your head and say “Yes honey”. Or else point out a different project for her to work on. That may help. Good Luck! Love you guys!! 🙂

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