Feeling Grey

I worked on a couple of little paint projects over the weekend and wanted to share the results. First up was our firewood box – when I first came across it at my favorite local home goods store I fell in love with the bright yellow color and thought it would bring a fun pop of color to our living room. But over time, I’ve fallen out of love with it…and its distressed look, which doesn’t really match the style of the rest of the furniture in the room.


So I grabbed my favorite dark grey paint – Forbidden in semi-gloss by TruValue – and gave the inside and outside of the box two thin and even coats. Full disclosure: Nick mostly supervised but painted a few sides too.


The paint dried to a really rich grey color, which blends in much better with the room’s other colors and our home’s contemporary style.


Since I had the paint out I decided to also tackle this octagon wood tray that I picked up awhile ago at the craft store. The tray was unfinished wood when I bought it and I stained it a light walnut color to match our hardwood floors.


Unfortunately, as soon as I started staining it I noticed a problem. The tray was cheaply made and there was leftover glue residue along nearly all of its seams, so those areas didn’t absorb the stain. It also ended up getting stained red by the tag of a candle, and no amount of scrubbing could remove the discoloration. I bought the tray for only $2 though, so it wasn’t worth a return trip to the store and I was determined to still make it work!


Since there weren’t any glue or stain issues on the outside of the tray I decided to only paint the inside. Here it is, with a slightly new look, corralling our coasters in the living room!


I think grey has become the new beige, it’s one of my favorite neutral colors and it’s making it’s way into nearly every room in our house! Any one else feeling grey?


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