Padded iPad Sleeve

I spent some time over the weekend working on another sewing project, this time creating a padded sleeve for our iPad mini. We have a smart cover for it but I wanted some additional protection from scratches when Nick or I stick it in our carry-on bag and bring it with us on trips.

Unlike my last sewing project, this time I followed a tutorial so I’m going to skip quickly through the step-by-step directions and mostly share photos of the process.


I started out with a 20 x 20 inch napkin. I like using napkins for sewing projects because the fabric is heavier, I can easily buy them at my favorite local home goods store (especially convenient since there aren’t many fabric stores in D.C.), and a napkin is usually just enough fabric for a small project – I’ve sewn a surprising amount of things out of one napkin!


First, I cut the napkin into four 10 x 8-inch squares and also two equal sizes of quilt batting.


Next, I layered my exterior pieces of fabric and batting and stitched the bottom and both sides.


Like the tutorial says, I then clipped the corners and turned the pouch right side out.


After that, I sewed my interior pieces of fabric together and left a small four-inch gap on one side, which I used later to turn the pouches right side out.


The next step was to place the external pouch into the internal pouch and sew all the way around the top edge.


After sewing the two pieces together, I pulled the exterior pouch through the opening I left in the interior pouch and then sewed the gap closed. Then I pushed the interior pouch back inside the exterior pouch and was left with a nearly finished sleeve.


Rather than making the tutorial’s velcro closure I opted to use a hair elastic and button…mainly because I didn’t have any velcro 🙂 All I did was reopen the top seam a half-inch on the back side and then add a few stitches to keep the hair elastic in place. After I restitched the top seam closed, I sewed a button to the front.


And here is the finished product…


Our iPad mini sits very snugly inside, safe from scratches and bumps in my purse or carry-on.


Even the cat seems to approve of it…



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