Tackling the Closets, Part 2

As I mentioned in my last post, Nick and I tackled two closet projects last weekend. I’m so happy with the results of the simple change we made to the master bedroom closet, it’s much easier to close the bi-fold door, and I’m pleased to report the new hooks are working too – I have yet to see a sweatshirt hanging from a closet knob!

Our second closet project last weekend was to reorganize our hall closet – also known as the world’s smallest closet – measuring only 12-inches wide.


This is the only non-bedroom closet in our entire house. It’s located on our upstairs landing, between my craft room/spare bedroom and bathroom. Despite its tiny size, this closet holds a whole lot of things: extra blanket, washcloths, body and beach towels, spare pillowcases and sheets for the beds upstairs, as as well as all of our health and first aid items, a basic tool kit, and our bathroom cleaning supplies! Whew!

The biggest issue we had with this closet was accessing our health and first aid items. When we first moved into the house I sorted all of these items into categories and then stored them in labeled, clear plastic containers. This seemed like a great idea at the time, but after two years in the house we’ve come to realize this storage strategy was more annoying than anything.

The problem was that the plastic containers were stacked on top of each other, so we often had to pull out several containers to get to the one we wanted, and it was especially annoying if the container ended up being at the bottom of the stack!


In my search for a better solution I came across this photo showing an over-the-door shoe rack to organize household items. I immediately knew this storage solution could work for us since the clear pockets would offer much easier access to all our personal care items. 


We had one teeny tiny problem though, our closet only has a 10-inch wide door, and most standard shoe organizers are around 20 inches wide. After searching online for a couple of weeks for a narrower option, I did what I often do…I gave up and decided to DIY my own! Note: Both Nick and Cooper the cat take great joy out of photobombing my pictures, so I’m posting this as revenge. 🙂


After looking in-store at a few shoe organizers I found one at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $15 that was twice the width I needed – it also had a double-stitched center seam with a quarter inch gap between the stitches. I figured I could cut it right down the middle, in between the two stitched seams, without doing damage to any of the pockets.


This strategy worked perfectly except for at the very top, where cutting it down the middle left an open gap on one side of the header piece. Thankfully, it only took me a minute to stitch the gap shut with my sewing machine.


Then it was time for Nick to hang the organizer. First, we measured the length and width of the door and organizer and then centered it in the middle.


Next, Nick drilled it to the door using some small screws and washers. Finally, we also added some screws at the bottom and on each side near the middle to help keep it in place.


Then it was time to fill it up! This is my “it’s working!” happy dance…


Here’s our newly organized hall closet! The clear pockets make it really easy to find exactly what we want, so no more shuffling through those old plastic containers! I think Nick and I will both be happy with this new storage solution for a long time!


Anyone else doing some organizing (or re-organizing) lately?


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