Tackling the Closets, Part 1

Our house was built in the early-1920s, and like many older homes it seriously lacks closet space. In fact, we don’t have a single closet on the main floor of our house!

Sadly, the majority of the closets on our other two floors can only be described as odd – think sloped ceilings and too narrow for standard sized clothes-hangers! We’ve overhauled a few of our closets to be more functional and this past weekend Nick and I tackled two more closet projects that have been on my house to-do list for far too long!

Our first project was one of the closets in our master bedroom. It’s a small 3-foot wide space that’s located above the hall stairwell and where we hang our longer clothing items, mostly dresses and pants. This picture was taken after I’d already emptied the closet out for our project, but I wanted to post it as proof of my weird husband closets!


There were two things about this closet that weren’t really working. The first, and biggest, was that the closet rod was installed too close to the bi-fold door – so our clothes often blocked the door from closing correctly. It drove me crazy to have to hold our clothes back with one hand while closing the door with the other hand!


The second issue was that there was always at least one sweatshirt, usually two, hanging from the knobs on the closet door. I’ve learned the key to a happy marriage is to find an acceptable solution rather than trying to alter a behavior…therefore, we needed to install some hooks in the closet.


After I removed all of our clothes from the closet it was quick and easy for Nick to loosen the screws holding the wall brackets in place, move the bar back a few inches, and re-screw the brackets into the wall.

Because of a bump-out on one side of the closet we were only able to move the closet rod back about 6 inches, but it still gave us more than enough extra room.


Here’s the finished project, after patching the old holes and rehanging our clothes. There is now plenty of space between the bi-fold door and our clothes, and there was even enough room to hang a removable Command hook on each side of the closet for Nick to hang his sweatshirts! Bam – two problems solved just like that!


That’s it for our first closet project – it was really simple and I can’t believe it took us so long to get it done.

I’ll tell you more about our other weekend closet project in my next post 🙂


3 thoughts on “Tackling the Closets, Part 1

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