Gift Wrapping Organization

I mentioned in a recent post that one of my New Year’s resolutions was to re-organize a few of our home’s troublesome areas.

I realized around the holidays that my gift wrapping supplies were spread all around the house. While we don’t wrap that many gifts throughout the year, when the time comes I can never easily find the supplies I need. So I decided to do something about it…and started out by rounding up all of our non-Christmas gift bags, tissue paper, small boxes and wrapping paper rolls (the Christmas supplies got packed away with the rest of our holiday items).

The next step was easy, I found some medium sized paper boxes that weren’t being used and loaded them up  – I put miscellaneous party supplies in one box and curling ribbon and bows in the other (Nick and I are clueless about why two adults have so many bags of balloons!)


In another small container I put all of our tissue paper, small gift boxes and bags and a roll of masking tape.


I added some simple labels to the boxes using striped washi tape.


I decided to store everything on the unused top shelf of our shoe closet – my craft desk is in the same room so it’s the perfect space for storing the supplies and wrapping gifts.


Since our larger gift bags and rolls of wrapping paper didn’t fit in the boxes, I found the perfect space to store them – a small gap next to our shoe shelves, where they can be easily accessed and won’t get crumpled!


That’s it, problem solved! Nick’s birthday is only a few days away and it was really easy for me to pull down all of our newly organized supplies to wrap his gifts last week. Isn’t it great when a super simple change makes things so much easier?


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