A Major (Purse) Mess

After living in our house for two years, Nick and I have started to realize that some of our original storage solutions either don’t make sense anymore or just aren’t working for us. So I made it one of my New Year’s resolutions to re-organize a few of those troublesome areas in the house.

One of the areas that has become increasingly frustrating for me was my out of control purse shelf in our shoe closet. I switch handbags throughout the week and no matter how I’ve tried to sort and organize this shelf it quickly becomes a cluttered mess. And let me tell you there is nothing worse than pulling down one purse and being hit in the head by another when it comes tumbling down too!

First, let me present you with photographic evidence that my previous situation was not working…


Part of the problem was that the shelf was too high for me to really reach, so most of the time I just tossed my bags up there…so it’s not really surprising they always ended up in one big pile of purse.

So step one was to put my purses within reach, and I did this by reorganizing the shoe closet and moving all of my less frequently worn winter boots to the higher shelf so that I could move my purses down to the lower shelf.


Now that my purses were within reach, the next step was to come up with a plan to keep them organized. Awhile back I came across this photo from Martha Stewart, which suggested using wooden brackets to divide a shelf into sections – the perfect solution to my purse-mess!


On a recent trip to the store, I picked up a few very simple white metal brackets for $2 each. They aren’t as fancy as Martha’s but they were inexpensive and already white and I knew they’d get the job done! After vacuuming and scrubbing down the shelf, Nick helped me measure and divide the space for the brackets – we measured about a foot of space between the side wall and each of the brackets. Then we attached the brackets to the back wall and shelf bottom using heavy-duty double sided tape. We opted not to to permanently attach the brackets with screws in case I ever wanted to move them in the future (perhaps if I were to get even more purses 🙂

BracketThe brackets worked perfectly to divide the shelf into sections and help keep my purses upright – this also makes it so much easier to pull a purse out and slip it right back into place without all my other purses toppling over! 
Bracket2Here’s an after picture (no more purse-mess)! It’s hard to see the brackets, but they are definitely in there and doing their job!

Organizedbags….and a view from the other side of the closet door.



We also left room on one side of the shelf to lay flat a few of my purses that are too large to stand upright. 


It’s only been a few days, but I’m already loving this simple organizational change and I know it’s going to make my morning purse swap so much easier in the future!

Anyone else organizing in the new year?


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