Our Holiday

I hope that everyone had a very merry Christmas! Nick and I celebrated in Wisconsin with our families and had a wonderful (and white) holiday. We especially enjoyed spending time with our families and playing with all of our nieces and nephews.

The only downside to our trip was that Nick and I were both under the weather. Nick has been suffering from a head cold, and for the second year in a row I was stricken with a stomach virus – last year I got food poisoning and this year I came down with a stomach bug the day after Christmas that lasted through the new year! Thankfully we shed those holiday pounds are both finally feeling a lot better!

Here’s a photo recap of some the laughs and moments we shared with our loved ones this Christmas…

Wisconsin had several inches of snow, and it even lightly snowed a few times during our visit.


My 11-year old niece keeps getting taller and taller!SaraLindsey

One of my other nieces is completely smitten with Nick, I can’t blame her…I am too 😉NickAubreyCollage

We had lots of help opening gifts on Christmas Eve.NickhelpersGifts Harmonica CarleyPjs

What’s Christmas without new pajamas?


On Christmas Day we headed to see Nick’s family.


The kids helped the grown-ups try on their new Christmas gifts….


…and the grown ups tried out some of the kids’ new toys.



All of Nick’s family was together for Christmas this year so we took our traditional picture – it’s amazing so see how much the little kids have grown since the last one!


I can hardly believe another holiday season has come and gone! I hope everyone had as nice of a Christmas as we did!

Cheers to a wonderful 2013!


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