O Christmas Tree

Eleven years ago (for our very first Christmas together!) I ordered the saddest, most pathetic Charlie Brown tree. I had every intention of returning it to the store, I even taped the return slip to the top of the box…but then we never did. Over the years the tree has grown on me, although no amount of lights or ornaments will ever make it less sorry looking.

A few years ago Nick and I decided to get a real tree, and since we have the space (and sentimental hearts) we also decided to put up and decorate the fake tree, and so began the tradition of having two Christmas trees! The real tree is set up on our main level in front of our dining room window. The fake tree sits downstairs in the den, where we do most of our relaxing and TV watching.

Like all of our decorating, we keep our Christmas tree decorations super simple. I decorated our downstairs tree a few weeks ago while Nick was away on a business trip – it’s adorned with a few strands of white lights paired with red glass ornaments, pine cones and sparkly icicles.


*I crafted that snowman tree skirt many years ago and in the process ended up destroying our old dining room table by chemically etching the snowman shape into the top of it. Now I have my very own craft table!

Here’s a close-up of our little Charlie Brown tree all decked out with some Christmas love!


Last year Nick and I made these simple pine cone ornaments. We bought a $5 bag of scented pine cones and Nick drilled eye screws into the top of each pine cone and then attached an ornament hook to hang it on the tree.  Even fake trees like to smell good 🙂


When Nick returned from his business trip a few weekends ago we went out and bought our real tree, a Douglas Fir that makes the whole room smell amazing!


*I like my Christmas trees like I like my men, tall and skinny 🙂


This red bead garland was my Mother’s and it brings back many memories of Christmases with my family. Treegarland

Here it is, festive and pretty and all lit up! We decorated it with glitter snowflakes and glass ball ornaments in silver and green. I love having a tree in the front window, so that other people can enjoy it from the outside, and that it’s the first thing you see when you enter our house!


Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings!Bell


We don’t have a tree topper, so I did the next best thing and put a bird on it! (Funniest video ever!)

Is it just me, or does it seem like every tree is more beautiful and magical at night? I hope you enjoyed seeing our Christmas trees. Happy holidays everyone!


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