Leaves and Lights

After several busy weeks away from home, this past weekend Nick and I finally tackled some of the outstanding items on our house to-do list. At the top of the list was raking leaves, now that they’ve finally mostly fallen from the trees.

Our neighborhood and yard are heavily tree-filled, which means lots and lots of leaves – too many layers thick to be left on the lawn. Thankfully we had warm, sunny weather on Saturday, which made raking a lot more pleasant….that and we have a small yard 🙂


We’ve had some warmer than normal weather recently – temperatures hit the 70s for a few days last week – so while most of the trees and shrubs are dropping their leaves the azaleas seem confused and are blooming!Azaleas

To make the project a bit easier, Nick and I rake the leaves onto a small tarp and then each pick up the corners and carry the bundle to the curb. After two hours (and more than a dozen trips with the tarp) we had a pile of leaves several feet high that filled nearly all of the grass between the sidewalk and street.


The city leaf collection crews are scheduled to come by this weekend with their special vacuum trucks, but in the meantime our yard went from looking like this…Leavesbefore

To this…


Since it was so nice outside, Nick also pulled out the ladder and hung our new icicle Christmas lights! Ever since we moved out of a condo and into a house, I’ve been wanting to hang Christmas lights, and my wish finally came true this year! Our roof is steep so we simply hung lights around the front porch overhang, but I love the end result and couldn’t resist peeking out the windows a few times that first night to see them glowing!

And here they are at night, all lit up and basking the house in a holiday glow!



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