Vacaciones en la playa

Things have been quiet here on the blog because Nick and I jetted to Mexico after Thanksgiving for a week long beach getaway. We headed to a lovely all-inclusive, adults only resort on the Riviera Maya, about an hour south of Cancun. We had such a fun and relaxing time – we spent our days playing games and taking strolls along the beach; lounging, napping and reading under the palapas; swimming, snorkeling and kayaking in the ocean; and enjoying lots of food and tropical drinks!

The weather the first two days was mostly overcast, but thankfully the temperature was in the 80s and still warm enough to swim and sit on the beach. We were so happy to wake up on our third day to sunny, cloudless skies and were grateful that it lasted through the rest of our stay.

Mexico 20122

Nearly all of the resort guests were European, and most of them were Italian. The hotel used colored wristbands to identify your nationality, which was nice since the staff always knew to speak English to us and bring non-Spanish menus to the table. We only saw about six other couples during the week wearing the same color wristband as us, so there weren’t many Americans at all.

Mexico 20123

These little critters are called kawatis and resemble a raccoon but with a funny pointed nose. They ran in small packs around the resort and weren’t at all afraid of humans. We mostly saw them at breakfast when guests fed them leftover pastries.


My greatest only achievement during our trip was finishing my 973-page book, Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett, which I literally completed as the plane was touching down in D.C. on our return flight (thank goodness, because my arms hurt after lugging it around all week 🙂 Nick, who mostly prefers electronic gadgets over books, also did some reading during the trip – although his biggest accomplishment was breaking open a coconut with his bare hands.

Mexico 2012

When we first arrived at our room we were surprised to discover that you had to insert your room key into a device by the door to turn on the electricity, which seems like a great way to save money on utility costs, but had us completely bewildered the first few minutes when we couldn’t figure out why our room didn’t have any power.


Finally, every day the hotel staff placed these little towel animals on our bed – and I thought they were too cute not to share!

Mexico 20121

So that’s it, we had such a nice time on our trip, and it was really great to get away and relax before the holiday season. Poor Nick was only home about 12-hours before he headed right back out the door for a week long out-of-town conference…and so begins the holiday madness!


2 thoughts on “Vacaciones en la playa

  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip!! Glad you were able to relax before the Christmas rush!! You didn’t say how you liked the book?? I got it but have to get it on electronic device as way too heavy to hold!! HA HA Love, MW

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