Saving Space and Saving Paint

A few months ago one of my favorite home organization bloggers (and fellow Wisconsinite!) wrote about organizing her old paint cans into glass mason jars, and I was immediately inspired to tackle our own overflowing paint stash.

We are lucky that the previous owners left us the eight shades of white paint they used during renovations and also a list of what colors were used in each room. However, over the past two years we’ve repainted a few rooms and have acquired an assortment of stains, spray paint and thinners – and our stockpile was getting out of control! I frequently dig through this mess to find paint for my projects, and since most of those cans are over my head and out of reach it was only a matter of time before disaster struck.

Many of the paint cans were less than half full and several had been poorly sealed, so the rims were rusted and cruddy. Thankfully most of the paint was still good.

Nearly all of our paint colors were purchased at Home Depot  so on a recent trip to the store I gathered swatches for all of the colors – thank goodness for that room by room list, which we’ve kept updated! Since we planned to dispose of the actual paint cans (and formula labels), it seemed like a smart idea to keep the brand and color name, paint code and color swatches in our files.  We also picked up a dozen quart-size mason jars for $15.  

Back at home we got to work emptying out the remaining contents of each gallon of paint into the mason jars.

We simply labeled each jar with the brand, color name and sheen (the rest of the information is on my filed-away color swatches). I’m slightly disappointed that I didn’t use adorable labels like my blogger inspiration, but things are pretty busy right now and a girl can only do so much 🙂

It didn’t take long before we’d gone from this pile of paint cans…

Down to this…so much better!

I also contained all of my spray paint cans, stains and paint samples into an old shoe box.

I’m so happy with the end result – while we didn’t completely get rid of all of our paint cans, we did cut down on the giant mountain and things are so much more organized and easier to find.

While its only been a few days, I’ve already used paint from one of the jars and it was so easy to open, wipe clean and reseal – much better than hammering a darn rusty can shut!

This project was simple, quick and only cost a few dollars and was definitely worth it to avoid having any future messy paint spills…because like most husbands Nick just hates hearing me shout “something bad happened”!


One thought on “Saving Space and Saving Paint

  1. Please come home and help us!!!! NEVER buy a mason jar again we have tons!!!! Can’t wait to get there and see the closet with paint in person.

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