The Boring-est Post Ever

…according to Nick.

Nick and I have out-of-town trips planned for the next couple of weekends so we took advantage of the warm sunny weather last weekend to get our deck and outdoor patio furniture ready for the winter season. If that doesn’t sound interesting to you, then yes, this probably is the most boring-est post ever!

We’ve officially been in our house for two years this month and during that time we haven’t done much to maintain our deck or patio furniture…and it was starting to show. Since we don’t have a garage or shed, the majority of our outdoor furniture stays outside, so we spent a couple of hours on Saturday and Sunday cleaning and sealing everything to prepare it for the cold weather.

This is the view from our kitchen to a very small outdoor patio on the side of our house. We never use the space but set up a small cafe set since it’s visible from the kitchen. The cafe set is small enough to be stored in our attic, so we gave it a good scrubbing before bringing it inside.

If you walk out on the patio and turn right you bump into a set of stairs that leads down to our backyard and main patio level. Our yard is shaded by several huge trees and since the area doesn’t get a lot of sun light the stairs were dirty and covered in mildew… and just looked gross.

So we got to work sweeping, spraying and scrubbing down the stairs and wood furniture with a strong mix of OxiClean and water, which was recommended on several DIY websites.

We also sprayed down our outdoor rug and herb plant pots so we could bring them inside to store.

We moved all of our wood furniture to the brick patio for cleaning and then let everything dry overnight. On Sunday afternoon we treated the stairs, table and bench with a wood sealer/water repellent.

Everything looked so much better, especially the stairs – and will hopefully keep looking good for another two years!

Unfortunately, I didn’t look so good after our project was done, since I failed to realize that wearing a white sweatshirt was a bad idea until it was too late and I was covered in dirt splatters. 

So yes, our weekend cleaning project was boring, but such are the joys of homeownership! Anyone else tackle any outdoor projects recently?


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