Sew Easy

I worked on a few small sewing projects recently and wanted to share the results.

I’ve been spotting all kinds of adorable elbow patches on sweaters this season and loved the idea of turning an old sweater into something new. While on a trip to the craft store, I came across some inexpensive felt sheets and purchased a few different colors.

At home, I selected an old tan sweater from my closet and got to work tracing and cutting two oval shapes from the animal print felt. It only took a few more minutes to sew on the patches and give this old sweater a whole new, fun look for fall!

I also sewed a simple curtain to conceal the contents of the storage system next to my crafting table, which houses all of my sewing and craft supplies and has recently started to look a bit unorganized and messy. Please ignore that my drawer numbers are out of order and that drawer no. 1 was put in backwards so you can’t see the label – this is proof it needed a curtain!

I chose a basic, thick striped fabric that I picked up for a few dollars. After hemming the edges and sewing a rod pocket across the top, I hung the curtain with a small tension rod. That’s it, a perfect, inexpensive solution for hiding my clutter!


3 thoughts on “Sew Easy

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