We’re Getting Nutty

While browsing online recently I spotted some adorable painted acorns and immediately knew I wanted to make this super simple DIY project for fall.

The first step is to gather a bunch of acorns. Thankfully there are lots of acorn oak trees in the neighborhood so collecting a small bag was easy.

To get rid of any bugs, I baked the acorns in a 200-degree oven for about an hour.

After the acorns have cooled it’s time to remove the caps. Most should come off easily, but you can also use a pliers to gently twist off any caps that won’t budge.

The acorns are now ready for spray painting. To keep the acorns from rolling around while painting, I punched small holes across the top of an old cardboard box. Place the acorns with their cap side down since the unpainted area will be hidden after you reattach the caps.

The next step is to spray the acorns with a thin, even coat of paint – I selected a colonial red spray paint that I already had at home.

Even a light spray caused a few of the acorns to come loose and roll around, so I recommend working on a very flat surface. Because of past offenses, however; I’ve been banned from spray painting on or near any hardscaping, so our sloped backyard is my only option 😉

While the acorns were drying I headed back inside and added a little bit of subtle sparkle to the acorn caps by brushing them lightly with watered down gold craft paint. This isn’t a necessary step but I was feeling extra crafty that day!

Once the painted acorns are fully dry, the final step is to reattach the caps. Simply match up an acorn bottom with a cap that is about the same size and seems to fit well together, and then stick them together with a dab of hot glue.

I did this last step at my craft table, and it’s not because I’ve been banned from crafting on any other surface due to another previous offense when I chemically etched a snowman shape to the top of our old dining room table 😉 Aren’t I lucky that Nick bought me my very own craft table is such a forgiving husband?!

And that’s it, the most adorable painted acorns, which I know will look lovely on our mantel this fall!


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