Street Festival-ing

Festivaling: Verb. 1. the act of attending a festival.

In addition to frequently making up words, attending festivals is among my most favorite activities. After a month of enjoyable, but busy weekends, with two out-of-town trips and several house guests, we were looking forward to a quiet and relaxing weekend close to home. Thankfully, our only scheduled plans this past weekend were to attend a barbecue at friends’ house and then walk over to a nearby festival…low-key and fun!

The weather on Saturday was sunny and warm, perfect for grilling and the outdoor festival. We had a really nice time catching up with friends and eating way too much great food!

Later in the afternoon we made our way over to the annual H Street Festival, held in a newly revitalized neighborhood in northeast D.C. The area has changed dramatically over the years and continues to grow in popularity. Nick and I attended the festival two years ago and we were both amazed at how many more people attended this year!

The festival included several music stages, some bizarre performances, a crazy art car exhibit, and tons of food and drink vendors.

For many of us, the highlight of the festival was watching the sign language interpreters onstage with the bands, who were completely rocking out to the music while signing!

Nick’s impression was also entertaining.

Once again, we had such a fun weekend and are really enjoying every last bit of the remaining summer!

*Many thanks to our friends Seth and Emily for allowing me to steal borrow many of the photos above…their camera and photography skills put my iPhone to shame!


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